Concealed Synchronous Rebounding Slide

This product boasts a range of remarkable features, including a synchronized reverse elastic system for balanced pop-up, hidden design tracks that enhance space utilization, smooth and quiet drawer operation, full pull-out synchronous rails, electro-galvanized durability for moisture resistance, high load-bearing capacity, exceptional longevity through rigorous testing, easy cleaning with a one-button detachment, and three-dimensional height adjustment for customization.

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Item Code: 7037301
Nominal Length: 300mm x Drawer Length: 290mm x Min Depth: 315mm

Item Code: 7037351
Nominal Length: 350mm x Drawer Length: 340mm x Min Depth: 365mm

Item Code: 7037401
Nominal Length: 400mm x Drawer Length: 390mm x Min Depth: 415mm

Item Code: 7037451
Nominal Length: 450mm x Drawer Length: 440mm x Min Depth: 465mm

Item Code: 7037501
Nominal Length: 500mm x Drawer Length: 490mm x Min Depth: 515mm

Item Code: 7037551
Nominal Length: 550mm x Drawer Length: 540mm x Min Depth: 565mm

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Nominal Length: 300mm (In stock)
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Nominal Length: 400mm (In stock)
Nominal Length: 450mm (In stock)
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